Arizona State University: A Virtual Tour of the Tempe Campus

The process of choosing which college or university to attend can be one of the most exciting yet stressful times in one’s high school career. Key to this decision is determining whether a college is a good fit, which is best done by visiting its campus in person. However, it may not be feasible to visit every school on your list, especially if you are considering going out-of state. As a Senior at Arizona State University (ASU), I am writing this to give prospective students who are unable to visit a better understanding of what it’s like to attend and live at the Tempe campus.

We’ll begin our tour up north at Sun Devil Stadium. By far, the most popular game of the season is the Arizona State University versus University of Arizona (UofA) football game–a rivalry that dates back to 1899. Pictured is the 2015 ASU vs. UofA football game, where the Sun Devils defeated the Wildcats 52-37.

ASU Sun Devil Stadium

Nearby is Tempe Butte or “A-Mountain,” which serves as a landmark for the City of Tempe and the university. It is a popular hiking spot due to its convenient location and views of downtown Tempe and the location of annual traditions such as Whitewash the “A” and Lantern Walk.

A MountainASU A Mountain 2

On Cady Mall, there is Wrigley Hall–home to the nation’s first School of Sustainability and the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. Although the roof wind turbines do not generate electricity, they are a symbol of ASU’s commitment to renewable energy sources and sustainability.

ASU Wrigley Hall

Further down is Hayden Library, the largest and most visited library at the university. Built in 1966, it was named after Tempe’s Founder Charles Hayden and is currently undergoing major renovations to be completed in 2020. I spent many long nights here studying and writing essays during my freshman and sophomore years, and continue to use it as a meeting place for many of my group projects.

ASU Hayden Library

On Orange Mall there is the Memorial Union (MU), a three-story complex containing a variety of dining options, facilities, and organizations. Considered the “living room of campus,” this building is one my favorite places to visit between classes because of its  casual atmosphere, lounges, and central location.

ASU Memorial Union

The Student Pavilion, located directly across from the MU, is an event venue for lectures, musicals, performances, and student productions. Outside of these buildings is a large outdoor seating area beneath a solar panel-covered shade canopy, which is also a very popular place for students to socialize, study, and relax.

ASU Student Pavillion

Also of interest is Palm Walk, an avenue of palm trees dating back to 1916 that is said to be the most photographed place on campus. Originally fan palms, the trees were replaced by date palms in 2016 to provide more shade for pedestrians and fruit for the university’s annual date harvest.

ASU Palm Walk

Finally, we’ll end our tour at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC) at the southern edge of campus. The SDFC is the main facility for sports and physical wellness on campus and features gyms, exercise rooms, game courts, and a swimming pool. Prior to coming to ASU, I seldom exercised or visited the gym. However, the free Devil-X group exercise and yoga classes have made staying fit much more enjoyable.


I hope that by showing you some of the highlights, you were able to get a taste of the Arizona State University Tempe campus and better determine if ASU is right for you.



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