Farvel, Denmark

Well I did it. My month-long study abroad program on sustainable food systems and happiness in Denmark is now over, and I will soon be leaving for further adventures in Germany, the Netherlands, and Iceland. Over these past few weeks, I had the pleasure to learn a bit about the components and meaning of happiness, urban gardens and sustainability efforts in Denmark, and Danish culture. During the time, I also learned how to get around on public transportation and live with 14 items of clothing in less than 50 square-feet, but almost zero words in Danish. Most importantly, I gained some insights on how to better realize happiness for myself through both the guidance of the program and my own experiences and observations. The top lessons I have learned on this trip are to (1) accept uncertainty and lack of control sometimes, (2) step out of your comfort zone and try new things, (3) embrace who you are and do not compare yourself to others, and that (4) contentment and happiness come from inner balance, which is largely influenced by one’s environment.

Copenhagen © 2017 Kara Davis
Århus © 2017 Kara Davis




One thought on “Farvel, Denmark

  1. What a wonderful post Kara! It sounds like you had a beautiful experience! I can’t wait to hear more about it next month. Enjoy the rest of your travels! Love you!

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